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World's Only Complete Marvel Comics Collection For Sale!

Face Front True Believers:  B•Bop Comics, a division of Friendly Frank's Inc. is proud to announce a complete collection of Marvel Comics, beginning with the dawn of the Marvel Age of Comics in Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961) to this week's new releases!  Marvel Comics has been the most important producer of pop-culture for a while, with just movies based on these comics grossing well over $15B to date. Also included are every Marvel magazine-sized edition, original graphic novel and Treasury Edition.  We will market the collection as one lot until at least 2016. We will begin posting scans of individual books and more at BBopComics.Com soon.  

Some highlights:
Amazing Fantasy 15 g
Amazing Spider-Man 1vgf, 2vg, 3vgf, 4fn-, 5fn, 6fn (1 chip, ow vf), 7vg, 8vgf, 9vg+, 10vgf, 11fn, 12fn, 13fn, 14fn,15fn, 121nm-, 122nm-, 129nm-, Ann 1 g
Avengers 1vg, 2vgf, 3vg+, 4gvg
Captain America 100fnvf
Conan 1 vf
Daredevil 1 frg (cover detached)
Fantastic Four 1g (tape on cover), 2g-, 3gvg, 4gvg, 5frg (ad/pin-up page missing - story pages complete), 6fn, 7vg, 8vgfn, 9gvg, 10gvg, 11g, 12vg, 45fvf, 46fn, 47fn, 48vgf, 49vgf, 50vgf, 52fn
Hulk 1vg+, 2vg, 3vg, 4vgf, 5vg, 6vgf, 102fn, 181nm-
Iron Man 1 fnvf, 55vfnm
Journey Into Mystery 83vg, 84g, 85g, 86vgf, 87g-, 88frg, 89gvg, 90g
Strange Tales 101vg, 102vgfn, 110vgf
Tales of Suspense 39vgfn, 40vgf, 41vgf
Tales to Astonish 27g (staples replaced), 35vgf, 36fn, 44vgf, 49vgf
Tomb of Dracula 1nm, 10vf
X-Men 1 g-, 2gvg, 3vg, 4vg, 5vgf, 6vgf, 7vg, 10fn, 94vfnm, Giant Size 1nm-

Condition:  In general, the earlier books are in worse condition.  The early Amazing Spider-Man are in slightly better shape than most of the other early books as the original owner bought mostly from the newsstand as a child, except for those, which he purchased later to complete the collection.  His favorites were the Jack Kirby books, and the condition of the early Avengers, Fantastic Four and Thor show the effect of that youthful enthusiasm.  As time went on the average condition improved, and by the early 1970s (to present) pretty much everything is in like-new (vfnm to mint) condition.

Size & Scope:  The collection takes up 106 long boxes, plus a number of other boxes with some non-comic-size books.  We are going to keep supplying all new issues until the end of 2015, which will add about one box.  Outside of the complete collection we are throwing in some other pieces including foreign versions of Marvel comics, some reprints, some British Marvels, trading cards, and more.  Note: This collection does not contain any "pre-hero Marvel" (Atlas Comics) or "golden-age Marvel" (Timely Comics).  There are no Rawhide Kid or Kid Colt, which started as Atlas and continued into the Marvel Age.  

Price:  $200,000.   As we think this will likely sell to a research library or university, if a buyer is concerned with liability issues, we would be amenable to keeping the 100 most valuable books and reducing the price by $50,000, meaning the price per would be less than $5. We estimate the collection to contain 32,000 to 34,000 pieces and the total retail value at  $400,000.  However, this collection is worth much more than the sum of its parts:  the more collectible and popular issues are not hard to find, however books published after 1995 generally have print runs of less than 40,000, with many of the titles aimed at children selling around 3000 (even the James Patterson and Stephen King titles sell 6000 to 9000).  Putting together sets of many of these would be difficult to say the least.  Another value-added aspect is that the books are in order.  There is one alpha-numeric lot from 1961 to mid 1996, another from 1996-2011, and another for each year beginning in 2012.  

Investment Potential:  Marvels have been the best-selling comics for years, and with a seemingly unlimited upcoming slate of movies/games/media, promoted and licensed by parent company Disney, it seems prices will continue to rise.  The market is just beginning to realize the scarcity of the post 1996 books.

For more information:    Frank Mangiaracina   B•Bop Comics North  6320 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO 64154  (816) 746-4569